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CRGE Interdisciplinary Scholars Program (CrISP) provides graduate students the opportunity to learn firsthand the processes of research, publication, and administration through a mentoring relationship with CRGE faculty. The focus of this exceptional program is two-fold: rigorous training and dedicated mentoring. CrISP scholars are first- and second-year incoming graduate students from departments across campus.

Since 2002-2012, CrISP has trained 24 CrISP scholars from seven departments, including six McNair/Mellon fellows. The program offers exceptionally talented graduate students a full university fellowship and an additional half-time assistantship to facilitate their engagement in intersectional scholarship.
CrISP scholars can be incoming graduate students from any of the following academic areas: American Studies, Family Studies, Sociology, History, Education, Urban and Regional Planning, and Women's Studies (among other departments). CRGE faculty mentors work with the students' departmental advisors to help design an appropriate course of study complimentary to the department's expectations and the students' interests.

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Past Scholar Experiences

"Through the CrISP Program I have access to formal and informal mentorship, research training, and a foundation in intersectionality that is critical to my present and future work."

- Vanessa Lopes, Sociology
CrISP Scholar 2005-2007

"CrISP has offered me wonderful opportunities to further my development as an academic. I have been able to connect with different faculty members, get research experience, and most importantly, learn from mentors about intersectionality."

- Melanie Miller, History
CrISP Scholar 2004-2006

"As a CrISP scholar, I receive excellent mentorship, work on meaningful projects that help to develop my research skills, and have the opportunity to network with graduate students, faculty and staff members who share a commitment to social justice."

-Anaya McMurray, Women�s Studies
CrISP Scholar 2004-2006

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